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Interviews by Per Arne Almeflo, Sonic Design:

An interview with Floyd E. Toole
Harman Iternational.


Intervjuer gjorda av Per Arne Almeflo, Sonic Design:

En intervju med Ingvar Öhman
Ljudtekniska Sällskapet och Ino Audio.

En absurt lång intervju i 20 kapitel som leder fram till flera scoop inom högtalarutveckling mm. Absolut läsvärt!

Articles by Ingvar Öhman, loudspeaker designer and editor of Musik and Ljudteknik:

"The determination of: Optimum Frequency Response Curves in the Bass Range".
This is a must if you are into speaker design and building.

"Subwoofer placement article."

"Bi-wire, not only an advantage."

"Ambiophony, a music matrix system"

"Presentation of a test method for power amplifiers"


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