For the Standard Damping Feet, the total weight of the loudspeaker is sufficient, but for the Audiophile Feet you have to weigh it more thoroughly.

Grab your bathroom scales and block up a stack of e.g. HiFi Magazines to exactly the same height as the scales. Put some small coins or something under the two front corners of the speaker on the scales and at the two rear corners standing on the stack.
Then turn the loudspeaker with the rear side over the scales and note this reading also. For a final check, weigh the entire speaker, the sum of front and rear weights should be according to this. If the cabinet is asymmetric sideways, it will also be necessary to weigh each side separately.

It is very important that the loudspeaker cabinet stands exactly in level when you read the scales since any deviation will make the centre of the gravity shift and give erroneous measurements. Check with a spirit level or a ball on top of the cabinet that all is OK.

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